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Streaming Web Video Production


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Information and details on Streaming Web Video Production

Whether its placing Promotional media online, or to Mail a CD or even DVDs to distributors, prospects & customers, display commercials in-store or on trade show displays and stream media on your website for internet advertising and online commercials, our main focus is on promoting clients' services or products from a business perspective using video production.

The script would start with your main USP. This could be incorporated into the title logo sequence as a tagline, followed by a brief company overview. We would then incorporate executive interviews, client testimonials, etc. We would even set up scenarios for specific services, together with 3D logo and graphics animations and sub-titles.

We are a New Media Video Production company in Vancouver BC serving all of North America. Locations include Kelowna, Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Florida, Atlanta, Canada, USA and Seattle. As one of the leading streaming media producers for websites in this region, our goal has always been to provide powerful yet very affordable (and sometimes even FREE) streaming and interactive media for businesses large or small.

Streaming Video is not fully downloaded to your computer before playing, which results in a quicker startup - sometimes almost immediate. A new service for our customers - Our "Walk-On Videos" which start up as soon as the web page is loaded and shows a person walking out onto the actual web page to deliver their marketing message. This is a huge benefit to small companies which can now look as technically savvy and sophisticated as any major website but having this inexpensive yet powerful method of distributing their marketing message.

While other companies focus on creating mainly film-based media, we are a full-service, specialist streaming web video production company specializing in corporate video production, postproduction and editing, greenscreen, green screen, chromakey, chroma key, chroma-key, multimedia, animation, graphics, pre-production, concept planning, corporate branding, media development, videography, webcasting, photography, corporate presentations, corporate photography, small business websites, videography for business, marketing, web videos, distribution, multimedia websites, webfomercials, webtv and other means of online delivery of promotional content.  Effective websites, New Media, Web Promotion and Small Business Websites. We can provide a videographer and photographers for all your business needs and promotional services not just in Vancouver but anywhere in Canada or the USA. We even have a FREE PODCASTING program which would allow our customers to promote their businesses at NO COST!

Online Video Ads, Commercials and Infomercials are a great way to attract the right kind of buyers to your website or those of affiliates or strategic partners. We have packages of affordable online commercial or infomercial production. being a full-service media provider, our web commercials can be accessed online or one can use them for television advertising. Call us at 604.970.5055 to enquire about affordable advertising all across the Greater Vancouver area and Lower Mainland for under $65 per day on Prime Time Cable TV.

Call us today at 604-926-5805 or toll-free:   for a FREE QUOTE - or see our FREE OFFER to assess your website for marketing effectiveness

MediaStreams is a full service New Media  Design firm, specializing in every aspect of Streaming New Media Development...  from concept planning &  through graphic design, Web Development, Digital Media, Photography &  Implementing online delivery technologies, to deliver your final product over the Internet.

MediaStreams and MediaPower are wholly owned subsidiaries of Hooked on Graphics Inc.  Since 1994, we have been engaged in the development of progressive multimedia communication tools for other businesses, empowering them to project themselves in a professional, sophisticated & highly effective manner and our current focus is streaming web video production.

Founded in 1992 by Pesi Unwalla, Hooked on Graphics began as a graphic design firm, but we quickly realized the potential of multimedia as a pre-eminent tool for business communications and in 1994,  started MediaPower New Media Communications which remains one of the premier developers of streaming web video production tools for businesses.



Bandwidth Requirements

The final quality of Online streams depends on a large extent on how well it is encoded for the particular bandwidth at which it is to be viewed. The usual method of encoding streaming files for delivery over the Internet used to be at a minimum of 56K modem speed - however, these days it is not as much of a problem (especially in north America) since most home and business users have high speed connections. To digitize a movie to stream at low speeds requires a high degree of compression to the footage and audio tracks, which eliminates portions of the data, resulting in low display quality.

In the past it was advisable to also prepare multiple sets of clips of higher and lower quality. When files are encoded for higher speed connections, less compression is used and a smaller amount data is lost. As a result, these high speed files are larger in size and require a faster connection speed to streaming properly.

Users connected to the Internet using a high speed cable modem or DSL connections, can view any streaming media clip which has been encoded for transmission at their encoded connection speed or lower. However, a user who is connected to the Internet using an old 56k modem who tries to watch a streaming movie which has been specifically digitized and encoded for high speed users, for example, will get choppy playback which plays for a second or two and then freezes for several seconds until more data packets are streamed to their PC.

To add streaming media to your web site, you can send us your DVD, Mini-DV, Umatic, Beta, Hi-8, DVD, VHS or even S-VHS clips using our  submission form. We provide media encoding services for customers all across North America and can be reached toll free at 877-936-8377 or in Vancouver at 604-926-5805 - or e-mail us

See our various Production Services offered to corporate and small business clients in Vancouver BC and all over USA and North America.- including taping of Live Events



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