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30 - 120 sec. duration, the spokesperson is shown full-length and walks out onto your web page, over your actual page contents. A unique messaging vehicle that makes your website stand out from every competitor in your business.

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Also 30 - 120 sec. duration, but the talent is shown half-size at the bottom of the screen while walking out over your actual web page content. With more emphasis on the spokesperson's expression it is more effective at communicating your me

ssage clearly than the full-length version above.

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A custom production of 90 sec. or more duration which can combine a walk-on video with your logo and/or a custom graphic of your choice in the background behind the subject walking onto the screen.

It can also be combined with another Custom Video-in-a-box with full interactivity and any other elements as required.

View an example of a combination walk-on video

The voice script provided by you will be inserted into our Teleprompter to make it easy for you or your spokesperson to look natural while being recorded - we can also consult with you on editing your script for marketing effectiveness.

Pricing includes videotaping the subject in our studio against a green-screen backdrop, ChromaKey, and conversion to Flash Video for display on your website. Files will be supplied to your web developer for insertion. If you would like us to create a web page to hold your video, we can do it for a small extra charge.

Walk-on videos can be produced with or without optional Flash Player (start/stop) controls and even interactivity with a click to other web pages.

For more highly customized or full-length video productions contact us at 604.970.5055 for a detailed assessment and quote. Corporate clients may contact us directly for detailed quotes based on our New Media Assessment, which is very affordably priced to provide maximum value to any business. (Note: the assessment fees are fully refundable if we undertake your project based on our audit recommendations)

We can also make arrangements to hire a professional actor / spokesperson at very reasonable rates.

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How Walk-On videos work and how to use them to promote your website

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